Family Leadership Development Luncheon and Training

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of AlabamaEvery year we provide a Family Leadership Luncheon and Training in partnership with the annual Early Intervention and Preschool Conference. To read more about the Early Intervention and Preschool conference held each fall, visit, the website for United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Alabama.

Contact us if you would like to be included in our next leadership training luncheon.


Family Leadership Development Online Training

Family Voices of AlabamaOur video training center aims to give you access to training recorded from live events. Family Leadership Presentations from past Summits were recorded and are available for your viewing at our Video Training Library.

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Leadership Institute of Alabama Family Ties (LIFT)

Alabama Family Ties logoAlabama Family Ties (AFT) is Alabama’s parent support group for families of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. The Leadership Institute of Alabama Family Ties (LIFT) provides advocacy training program for families. Through the training, family members will become better advocates for their children and for children’s mental health needs in general. Visit their web site at

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Alabama Parent Education Center logoAlabama Parent Training and Information Center

The Alabama Parent Training and Information Center (or Alabama Parent Education Center) offers two different leadership courses.

Read more on their website at

APEC's Alabama Parent Training and Information Network for Children with Disabilities (AL PTI NCD) also provides free information and training to families to assist them in becoming advocates for their children with disabilities.

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