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Ryan's Run is held each fall in memory of Ryan Colburn, who was an avid sports fan, and especially loved this time of year & the Iron Bowl Rivalry.

2016 - 2017

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Proceeds go to support The Frazer Youth Worship Arts Program and The Ryan Colburn Youth Scholarship. The scholarship supports youth with disabilities in attending the National Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Annual Conference.

We partnered with Ainsley’s Angels, a national organization dedicated to giving everyone, including those with disabilities, a chance to enjoy participating in community endurance events. Each “Angel Team” is made up of at least two people, the Rider and the Runner. The rider is the core of the team and pulls the runner across the finish line with smiles, cheers and immeasurable inspirational spirit. The volunteer runner-athletes have the honor of pushing the amazing athlete-riders in the race. With the health and well-being of the Rider as the foremost priority, the ‘Angel Team’ works together to SAFELY accomplish the mission, while staying together and having fun.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of an Angel Team, either as a Rider or Runner, in an upcoming Ryan's Run, please contact Alabama Coordinator, Vera Spinks at 334-830-0852 or email alabama@ainsleysangels.org

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